Fall 2020
Location TBD
Find Your Position Of F&*! You, Find Ideal Clients, Get Results Faster, And Scale!
Coming Fall 2020...
Join Us For Digital Marketing, POFU Training, SEO, and Networking
Exact dates and location TBD
The 2020 POFU Live Event Will Be:
About delivering and sharing information, training, and insights in an small but open group
Full of actionable content that you can put to work for yourself AND your clients when as soon as you leave
About making connections that lead to opportunities in an easy and fun environement (no place for big egos)
And we'll definitely be having some FUN!
Grab your ticket today - attendance is limited to 25!
Get The Inside Scoop From The Semantic Mastery Team AND Other Live Event Attendees...
Make the connections and learn from others to build your network and connections
Also, have you been wondering what the heck "POFU" means?
We're glad that you want to find out!

Check out the video so you can understand not only what the reference is, but why it's important.

It's all about being in the best position possible so you can make the calls you need to correctly.

The Agenda
It's All About How You Can Find Your POFU (Position Of F&*! You), Get Better Clients, Faster Results, & Scale
  • Kick Off: Get started with small group networking
  • Find Your POFU: What does POFU mean to you? What will it be?
  • Better Clients: Find out how to get the clients that you WANT
  • Faster Results: The systems you need to get results time after time
  •  Scale: Take your pipeline, fulfillment systems, and grow
Day 1 - VIP Meetup
Date TBD
  • Network: Meet with other VIP attendees, SM founders, and guest speakers.
  • Relax: Enjoy free food, activities, and being around "Your People"
  • Learn: Find out what everyone is doing, how you can help, and what they might be able to do for you...
2019 VIP Event Info
Join us for a private high speed GoKart championship with warm ups, qualifying, and championship heats!

We'll be doing some racing...and then relaxing in a VIP room, snacks, and have a couple of drinks on the house! The perfect setting to meet, enjoy, and have some friendly competition with every VIP ticket holder.
Day 2 - Main Event
Date TBD
  • Kick Off: Get started with a introduction and overview from Bradley Benner. Define your POFU & Special Gift!
  • Clients: Find out how you will start getting the clients you want that will let you grow your business and work only with the people you want.
  • Results: If you've got clients...now you need results. Find out how to get the results you need time after time.
  • Round Tables: Get direct answers from speakers
  • Meetup: After hours meetup with attendees & speakers
Day 3 - Main Event
Date TBD
  • Scale: Once you have clients and results, it's time to scale. How? Find out in these discussions that will give you the systems you need to see the growth you want.
  • Technical: Enjoy our special guest speakers and their insight into technical SEO, marketing, and more.
  • Communication & Persuasion: How to use the powers of communication & persuasion at all levels to get better results for yourself - and clients!
  • Roundup: Get prepared to take what you've learned and put it to use starting immediately to get you the results and POFU you deserve.
See What Previous Attendees Have To Say:
Join The Semantic Mastery Team & Special Guest Speakers:
Attendee Only Round Table Event
  • Get Answers: Get Direct Answers To Your Questions
  • Small Groups: No Fighting Over Others Like Over-Crowded Events  
  • Insights: Responses For YOUR Specific Questions
Main Ticket
VIP Package
VIP Plus Package
Only 3 Spots...
Main Ticket:
  • ​2 full days of the core POFU Live event
VIP Package:
  • ​2 full days of the core POFU Live event
  • ​Networking mastermind day with special event, speakers, and Semantic Mastery founders
  • ​FREE recording of the event
VIP Plus Package:
  • ​2 full days of the core POFU Live event
  • ​Networking VIP day with special event, speakers, and Semantic Mastery founders
  • ​FREE recording of the event
  • ​45 minute personal hot seat with entire Semantic Mastery Team
  • ​Recording of your hot seat delivered
  • 1 year Semantic Mastery MasterMIND membership included - $3,564 Value
  •  Follow up call at 30 days with SM Co-Founder - $1500 Value
Bradley Benner
Local Agency Owner and Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery
Marco Benavides
SEO "mad scientist" and Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery
Adam Moody
Process, automation, funnels, and Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery
Chris Pillwein
Email at scale, automation, programming (just to name a few) and Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery
Hernan Vazquez
Online advertising, optimization, and Co-Founder of Semantic Mastery
Rob Beal
RYS Reloaded co-creator, tester & SEO breaker extraordinaire, fearless leader of MGYB.
Guest Speaker #2
To be announced...
Guest Speaker #3
To be announced...
Come Join Us In October
No B.S. just SEO, Digital Marketing, training, & networking...
Looking forward to seeing you in October!

Bradley Benner & The Semantic Mastery Team

We're looking forward to having the chance to not only share OUR information with YOU, but getting to meet each of you and putting together a pitch free environment where we can share what's working now and how to get more and better results. 
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